Speak Lord: ‘Sing to his name’


Cry out with joy to God all the earth,

O sing to the glory of his name.
O render him glorious praise.
Say to God: ‘How tremendous your deeds!

‘Before you all the earth shall bow;
shall sing to you, sing to your name!’
Come and see the works of God,
tremendous his deeds among men.

He turned the sea into dry land,
they passed through the river dry-shod.
Let our joy then be in him;
he rules for ever by his might.

Come and hear, all who fear God.
I will tell what he did for my soul:
Blessed be God who did not reject my prayer
nor withhold his love from me.

Psalm 65:1-7,16,20

The psalmist refers us back to the story of Israel freed from slavery in Egypt and protected from the armies of Pharoah which pursued them. As God was then, so God is now – and in this is his/our reason to rejoice.

  • What stories from the Old Testament resonate in your journey of faith? Which from the New Testament?
  • Where do you see the works of God? With whom can you share them?
  • What has the Lord done for your soul?

Can you cry out in joy together with the psalmist? Together with all the earth?

Image found at http://www.pinterest.com/pin/150096600053912676/

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