I thought I had posted a note to alert to the (latest!) change of direction for the Living Eucharist Blog. But it seems I didn’t.

Over recent months there has been a daily posting of the Gospel of the Day and an image related to it. However the number of ‘hits’ was going down, and the time sourcing images, and preparing the page etc seemed to be going up.

The thought that it was time for a re-think of the value of what was being done, coincided with a couple of deanery workshops for lay ministers of the word and of Holy Communion. After some reflection it seemed more helpful to discontinue the daily postings and put effort instead into a resource that offers a weekly overview of the readings and prayers set for each Sunday. The posting of that resource began in readiness for the First Sunday of Advent, and the blog posting can be accessed here, and will continue.

The regular weekly posting on Living Eucharist will be accompanied – in the New Year – by occasional overviews of the Scriptural books being used in the Sunday Lectionary, especially the books read from semi-continuously as the Second Readings.


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