Speak Lord: that we may be found


The almighty Lord says this:

Woe to those ensconced so snugly in Zion
and to those who feel so safe on the mountain of Samaria,
those famous men of this first of nations
to whom the House of Israel goes as client.
Lying on ivory beds
and sprawling on their divans,
they dine on lambs from the flock,
and stall-fattened veal;
they bawl to the sound of the harp,
they invent new instruments of music like David,
they drink wine by the bowlful,
and use the finest oil for anointing themselves,
but about the ruin of Joseph they do not care at all.
That is why they will be the first to be exiled;
the sprawlers’ revelry is over.

Amos 6:1,4-7

The first reading at Mass today, the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, comes – as did last week’s – from the prophet Amos. He describes the decadence of Israel, the Israel which has left the Lord and who are now to find themselves lost, abandoned by the Lord…

The tribes of Israel, the Northern Kingdom are lost to history, vanquished in war, and taken off into exile. Called to be a nation set apart, they find themselves cast adrift and their identity as a group lost…

  • What experiences of being lost and found can you recall?
  • What experiences can you recall of helping someone else  ‘lost’ to become ‘found’.
  • Bring your memories and feelings to God in prayer.

Puppets,  Fort Saint Jean, Marseille. (c) 2013, Allen Morris