Taste and See: the harvest

Harvest and Harvesters, BeziersThe Prayer over the Offerings at Mass yesterday, the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, offers a certain commentary on the Gospel reading of the day and the previous Sundays.

Be pleased, O Lord, to accept the offerings of your Church,
for in your mercy you have given them to be offered
and by your power you transform them
into the mystery of our salvation.
Through Christ our Lord.

The things of this world – harvest, money, property and things of all sorts – find their fulfilment in being received, honoured, and then offered – and especially offered to God and neighbour.

The harvest is for us too But the harvest – money, property and things of all sorts – is never just for us. When we ourselves make use of it, consuming some part of it, this must¬†be to help us to make fuller offering of ourselves for the glory of God and the love of neighbour. In that way we ourselves – and we ourselves are, after all, a gift of God’s to the world! – are¬†brought to a new fulfilment and our purpose, our end, better achieved.

Terracota panel of wine harvest and harvesters, Beziers, France. (c) 2015, Allen Morris.