Taste and See: Taste and Live

dsc00377Prayer over the Offerings

May the sacrifice of our worship, Lord, we pray,
be offered to you unceasingly,
to complete what was begun in sacred mystery
and powerfully accomplish for us your saving work.
Through Christ our Lord.

The Prayer over the Offerings at Mass yesterday, the Third Sunday of Advent, reminds that at Mass what lies at the heart of what we do is the Paschal Mystery: the mystery of Christ’s saving life, Death and Resurrection that, for us, conquers from death and opens the way to life.

The sacramentality of the Mass means that when we gather what we participate in is true symbol of his self-offering that sets us free. We come to take part in his Sacrifice, once achieved but ever available for us in the breaking of word and sharing in the Bread and Wine that are Jesus truly present, ever-serving his beloved people.

The Mass is saving work, his gift, our privilege.

One of series of designs commemorating the English Martyrs for Tyburn Convent by Margaret Rope. Photo (c) 2016, Allen Morris