Taste and See: The sweetness of the day


The first reading , yesterday, Trinity Sunday, came from Deuteronomy, the last of the ‘books’ of the Jewish Torah, the fifth book of our Bible, of its Old Testament. The book is a preaching of the law revealed by God to Moses at Sinai.

Israel had responded to God’s call and after ‘events’ (!) the people have left Egypt and are in the wilderness, a place (potentially!) of purification and preparation for entry into the life of blessing that God has promised them. However they had stumbled, hesitated, and turned from that promise.

A generation has passed. The time has come again for the people to choose. How will they respond to the Lord?

Moses said to the people: ‘Put this question to the ages that are past, that went before you, from the time God created man on earth: Was there ever a word so majestic, from one end of heaven to the other? Was anything ever heard? Did ever a people hear the voice of the living God speaking from the heart of the fire, as you heard it, and remain alive? Has any god ventured to take to himself one nation from the midst of another by ordeals, signs, wonders, war with mighty hand and outstretched arm, by fearsome terrors – all this that the Lord your God did for you before your eyes in Egypt?

‘Understand this today, therefore, and take it to heart: the Lord is God indeed, in heaven above as on earth beneath, he and no other. Keep his laws and commandments as I give them to you today, so that you and your children may prosper and live long in the land that the Lord your God gives you for ever.’

Deuteronomy 4:32-34,39-40

The kairos moment, the moment of choice between God’s way and another way, is always now. Sometimes the significance of a time may be more or less clear but…

So, today, where, how, will you show your choice to embrace the way of love gifted us by God, Father, Son and Spirit.

Photograph of brass inlay in St Patrick’s Chapel, Westminster Cathedral. (c) Allen Morris.