Taste and See: The Holy Name

Jesus IHS

The Prayer over the Offerings at Mass on Sunday, Trinity Sunday, invokes the holiness of the name of God.

Sanctify by the invocation of your name,
we pray, O Lord our God,
this oblation of our service,
and by it make of us an eternal offering to you.
Through Christ our Lord.

In Judaism, the holiness of the name of God is testified to by its remaining unspoken. In Christianity, we generally avoid pronouncing the Hebrew name of God as revealed to Moses – avoiding it out of sensitivity to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and our own Christian tradition.

However the name of Jesus comes readily to our lips.

The Jesus prayer, especially venerated in the Orthodox tradition, has the Christian hold the sacred name ever present in their heart and mind, indeed in their every breath. It is the name by which we live.

  • How does the name of God feature in your prayer life?

Decoration from the Crypt of St Chad’s Cathedral, BIrmingham. (c) 2016, Allen Morris