Taste and See: the wonder of the Lord


Blessed Sacrament chapel, St Gervais

The Prayer over the Offerings at Mass on the 5th Sunday of the Year, and the default prayer for use on the ferial days of this week following, evokes a fresh sense of awe at what we do at Eucharist.

O Lord, our God,
who once established these created things
to sustain us in our frailty,
grant, we pray,
that they may become for us now
the Sacrament of eternal life.
Through Christ our Lord.

The simple elements of food and drink, a little bread and a little wine, become Christ for us, and open afresh for us the way of eternal life.

The contrast between the very ordinary and the completely extraordinary is compelling.

  • What is your frailty?
  • How does the Lord in his goodness strengthen you?
  • How might you strengthen others?


Photograph of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, St Gervais, Paris. (c) 2015, Allen Morris.

Speak Lord: Raise the lowly

Mercy cross Lourdes

The responsorial psalm sung on the 5th Sunday of the Year, this coming Sunday offers comfort and, unusually, two alternative responses are proposed for our use.

Praise the Lord who heals the broken-hearted.


Praise the Lord for he is good;
sing to our God for he is loving:
to him our praise is due.

The Lord builds up Jerusalem
and brings back Israel’s exiles,
he heals the broken-hearted,
he binds up all their wounds.
He fixes the number of the stars;
he calls each one by its name.

Our Lord is great and almighty;
his wisdom can never be measured.
The Lord raises the lowly;
he humbles the wicked to the dust.

Psalm 146:1-6

One regular source of wonder is that the Creator cares for his creatures! We are countless, seeming passing, and so regularly treated so poorly by our own kind. Yet God loves and cares and tends us in our brokenness.

  • What hurts hamper you?

Bring them to the Lord for his healing and care.

Photograph of cross in the Domaine of Lourdes. (c) 2012, Allen Morris.