Taste and See: the Truth

St Peter ColeshillThe verse for the Gospel Acclamation at Mass yesterday was simple and direct.

 Alleluia, alleluia! Your word is truth, O Lord: consecrate us in the truth. Alleluia!

The truth, of course, sometimes is too direct for us. It can make us feel uncomfortable, even we know it comes to us from – as – the Living God.

  • ¬†(If you do!) why do you choose truth?
  • In what way does the Lord consecrate you in the truth?

Truth betrayed. St Peter denies Jesus. (Sacred Heart and St Theresa, Coleshill).
(c) 2016, Allen Morris.

Taste and See: God made flesh

Fresco detail in Oratory, San Damiano, Assisi

The first of the alternative Gospel Acclamations offered for use on the Sunday just gone, the 28th in Ordinary time,  reminds of the mystery of the Incarnation.

Alleluia, alleluia!
The Word was made flesh and lived among us:
to all who did accept him
he gave power to become children of God.


Picking up yesterday’s theme, that of the Prayer over the Gifts, of doing the right thing for the right reason: how little thanks Jesus received. Misunderstood by those closest to him; rejected by many of those further away; thanked for passing things but the eternal truths he ministered overlooked.

And yet he remained faithful, and when the message breaks through our incomprehension and our coldness of heart, what a wonderful, wonderful thing he has done, and still does.

For us.

Bring your gratitude to the Lord in prayer.

Photograph of fresco in convent of San Damiano, Assisi. (c) 2014, Allen Morris