Taste and See: Taste and become…

Season change

The Prayer after Communion for Sunday, the 30th in Ordinary time, calls for conversion.

May your Sacraments, O Lord, we pray,
perfect in us what lies within them,
that what we now celebrate in signs
we may one day possess in truth.
Through Christ our Lord.

Often the central Mystery of the Mass is thought to be the change of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus and given to us in Holy Communion.

Yet the still deeper Mystery is that which this prayer calls for – our change, through the Sacrament(s), that we may be ever more truly the Body of Christ, his life shared with the world.

Photograph is of autumn woods at the sanctuary of La Verna, Assisi. Woods, leaves, change with the seasons. Change in us often proves more dependent on our willingness to cooperate – but can be equally beautiful to witness.

(c) 2014, Allen Morris.