Taste and see: A new birth

Magi Vatican Museum

The second reading of the Fourth Sunday of Advent, this year, came from St Paul’s letter to the Romans. It reminds of two basic truths – two saving truths

Glory to him who is able to give you the strength to live according to the Good News I preach, and in which I proclaim Jesus Christ, the revelation of a mystery kept secret for endless ages, but now so clear that it must be broadcast to pagans everywhere to bring them to the obedience of faith. This is only what scripture has predicted, and it is all part of the way the eternal God wants things to be. He alone is wisdom; give glory therefore to him through Jesus Christ for ever and ever. Amen.

Romans 16:25-27

First that God seeks to give us the strength to live, and second this strength is communicated in the Good News of Jesus who was born, suffered, died and was raised from the dead for us.

Tonight as we gather to celebrate Mass during the night, drawn from our homes to confront dark and cold as we journey to the Church’s celebration, we gather to celebrate his birth, but also our new life in him.

  • For what does God call you to new life?
  • how can you live that life today and tomorrow?

Pray for the sharing of the good news of new communion with God and neighbour with all peoples. Pray for peace on earth.

And Happy Christmas!

 The image is a detail of a frieze from a palaeo-Christian sarcophagus in the Vatican Museum. (c) 2010, Allen Morris. The carving, of course, shows the Magi bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ. However the tradition in Western art is read images from left to right – when we do that it is as if the Christ is giving the gifts to the Magi.