The Responsorial Psalm for Mass next Sunday

The Psalmist gives voice to his gratitude for the security that he finds in the Lord: even – in a verse omitted in this Sunday’s selection – should he walk in the valley of the shadow of death he would fear no evil.

  • What confidence do you find in the Lord? And how do you use the security and freedom it gives you?
  • What hidden fears might you entrust to him? What slumps in confidence? – to still better benefit from his love and care.

Psalm 22(23):1-3a,5-6
Responsorial Psalm for Solemnity of Christ the King

(NB the text set for Sunday is given below in bold and in ‘quote sections’ below; the rest is the immediate biblical text from which the Lectionary text is extracted)

Psalm 23 (22)
1     A Psalm of David.
      The Lord is my shepherd;
      there is nothing I shall want.
2     Fresh and green are the pastures
      where he gives me repose

Near restful waters he leads me;
3     he revives my soul.
    He guides me along the right path,
      for the sake of his name.

4     Though I should walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
      no evil would I fear, for you are with me.
      Your crook and your staff will give me comfort.

5     You have prepared a table before me
      in the sight of my foes.
      My head you have anointed with oil;
      my cup is overflowing.  

6    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
       all the days of my life.
      In the Lord’s own house shall I dwell
         for length of days unending.  

~ Translation of Psalm: From The Revised Grail Psalms: A Liturgical Psalter. (c) 2010
~ Commentary: © 2020, Allen Morris
~ Photograph:© 2017, Allen Morris. Pottery figure: The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent.


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