Preparing for Mass on Holy Family Sunday (1st Sunday of Christmas)

The editor of the Lectionary omits just one line from this psalm, and what a petty and unnecessary omission it is.

In the midst of a season when the Church rejoices in the fulfilment of God’s promises to his people, in the coming of Israel’s Messiah the reference to Israel is omitted.

Omitted because of the potential confusion between the now nation state of Israel and the ancient people? One wonders – but at this time let us all be sure to pray for peace for Israel… and Palestine… and Syria… and Egypt… and Jordan… and for the whole world.

God is faithful to his covenant with his uniquely chosen people, and to his covenant with all of humankind. What he gives, let us not diminish.

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 127(128):1-5

(NB the text in bold and in the ‘quote sections’ is what we hear on Sunday, the rest is the immediate biblical text from which the Lectionary text is extracted)

Psalm 128 (127)

1     A Song of Ascents.

      Blessed are all who fear the Lord,
      and walk in his ways!
2     By the labour of your hands you shall eat.
      You will be blessed and prospe

3     Your wife like a fruitful vine
      in the heart of your house;
      your children like shoots of the olive
      around your table.
4     Indeed thus shall be blessed
      the man who fears the Lord.

5     May the Lord bless you from Sion.
      May you see Jerusalem prosper
      all the days of your life!
6     May you see your children’s children.

      On Israel, peace!


  • Translation of Psalms: From The Revised Grail Psalms: A Liturgical Psalter. (c) 2010.
  • Commentary: (c) 2019, Allen Morris
  • Photo (c) 2013, Allen Morris. Puppets Schindler Factory Museum, Crqacow, Poland.

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