Living Eucharist: supporting people who face challenges

The Gospel heard on Sunday, with its extraordinary story, reminds of the challenges that people can experience in much more ordinary circumstances too.

Some of these are welcomed, some are much more difficult to face and deal with – for example when good relationships become stressed and even dysfunctional

Marriage Care offers marriage preparation, relationship
counselling and more

They specialise in helping couples build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, and in providing support in times of relationship difficulty.

Why? Because better relationships make for better lives, more stable families and a stronger society.

They are ready to help, whatever people’s circumstances.

Marriage Care is part of the Catholic Caritas network, but is ready to assist and support all couples.

Why not offer this prayre for those you know who are preparing for marriage…

I give you praise, O Lord,
who in your gentle wisdom call and prepare
your son and daughter N. and N.
to love each other.

Graciously strengthen their hearts, we pray,
so that, by keeping faith and pleasing you in all things,
they may come happily to the Sacrament of Marriage.

Through Christ our Lord.

And pray also for a couple or family that you know are facing problems at this time:

Faithful God,
I thank you for your constancy,
and I pray to you for N. and N. in this time of trouble and testing.
Call and help them to reaffirm their commitment to each other.
May your mercy and grace be to them health and strength;
may they learn again to be honest, patient and understanding;
And as they grow together in love for each other
may they proclaim your saving love
in Jesus Christ our Lord.


  • Translation of Scriptures: English Standard Version (c) 2001-9, Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.
  • Commentary: (c) 2019, Allen Morris
  • Prayers adapted from the Order of Celebrating Matrimony (c) 2013 ICEL and draft Order of Christian Marriage (c) 1992 Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
  • Photo (c) 2017, Allen Morris. Marriage window, St Severin, Paris.

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