A new start…

Living Eucharist was launched in May 2014 and since then there have been over 1987 pages blogged.

Over recent months, it has seemed to me that it was time for a revamp, to look again at how the blog might better help resource our preparation for Sunday Eucharist, and in the days that follow help us to continue to find nourishment there…

From Advent 2019, the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, in conjunction with the Bible Society, is sponsoring ‘A Year of the Word’, under the title of The God Who Speaks. The aim is to encourage a deeper Scriptural engagement through

  1. a celebration of God’s word in worship and prayer;
  2. living God’s word in our social action and outreach;
  3. sharing God’s word in our formation, proclamation and evangelisation.

The hope is that the revamped Living Eucharist Blog can help its readers to engage with each of those objectives!

Another way of presenting the Lectionary Readings

Over the past 5 years this blog has very largely focussed on Scripture, presenting and representing the readings from the Sunday Lectionary.

But the Lectionary is not the Bible, and sometimes the Lectionary readings are not so easy to comprehend out of their original context.

So when the Blog is relaunched for the first Sunday of Advent although the Lectionary readings will be featured, the blog will give the immediate context of each reading too. For example – in the case of the Old Testament readings – giving the longer narrative (or as much as seems manageable) from which the reading comes; and – in the case of the semi-continuous readings from the Epistles and Gospels – giving the verses that are missed from a passage, and/or the verse that link one week’s reading to the next.

Connecting with life and work

Not quite sure how this will work, but on Sundays you can expect to see some link between the Sunday’s Gospel and the life of the Church, and of the communities that she lives within and is called to serve.

Sharing God’s word

This remit may be fulfilled in various ways – but expect to see how artists and musicians have connected with the readings of the week. and to be encouraged to seek after other ways in which we can be helped to dwell in God’s word; to dialogue with it; and to share it with the world.

Those are the plans, anyway…
Let’s pray they come to fruition
and in turn prove fruitful…

Image: Wordle of the ‘Introduction to the Lectionary

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