Taste and See: What we do…

What man indeed can know the intentions of God? Who can divine the will of the Lord? The reasonings of mortals are unsure and our intentions unstable; for a perishable body presses down the soul, and this tent of clay weighs down the teeming mind.

It is hard enough for us to work out what is on earth, laborious to know what lies within our reach; who, then, can discover what is in the heavens? As for your intention, who could have learnt it, had you not granted Wisdom and sent your holy spirit from above? Thus have the paths of those on earth been straightened and men been taught what pleases you, and saved, by Wisdom.

First Reading for 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wisdom 9:13-18

The consequences of our decisions are often hard for us to deal with.

All the more important that we try and make responsible decisions, keeping our passions and emotions under control, as we try to determine what is right for us, what is right for others, and also , of course, what is God’s will!

One of the ‘tools’ we have to help us in this is prayer – helping us to better know God’s will, and better know ourselves.

The parish Blog for the parish of St Nicholas Boldmere will this week contain daily reminders of some of the basic building blocks for our personal prayer. Check it out!

Photograph. (c) 2015, Allen Morris. Stations of the Cross, Medjugorje.

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