Taste and See: Together

Jesus said: ‘The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice;
I know them and they follow me.
I give them eternal life;
they will never be lost
and no one will ever steal them from me.
The Father who gave them to me is greater than anyone,
and no one can steal from the Father.
The Father and I are one.’

Gospel for the 4th Sunday of the Year
John 10:27-30

The relationship between Jesus as shepherd, and his sheep, ie those who follow him and benefit from his care and protection is a mutual relationship.

He cares and protects and gifts eternal life: they listen and follow, and remain at one with him.

He never fails to deliver what is proper to him – he is faithful for love of the Father and for love of us.

What helps you to be true to him?

  • What helps you listen? And when and how do you best do this?
  • What helps you follow? How and when, and what helps?

Knowle Parish Church, West Midlands . (c) 2019, Allen Morris.


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