Taste and See: Shepherds’ love

Look upon your flock, kind Shepherd,
and be pleased to settle in eternal pastures
the sheep you have redeemed
by the Precious Blood of your Son.
Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Prayer after Communion for the 4th Sunday of Easter.

After all of the focus on Good Shepherd Sunday, on Jesus as our Good Shepherd, the Prayer after Communion reminds of the prior and kind Shepherd, the Father of the Son.

The metaphor of shepherd can be applied to each person of the Holy Trinity

  • to the Father, Shepherd of Israel, and Shepherd to the good shepherd
  • to the Son, who takes flesh as Jesus and who, describing his ministry to his disciples, self-identifies as the good shepherd;
  • and to the Holy Spirit, who guides and protects the Church against error in her teaching.

The Holy Trinity in caring for us, models how we, as children of the living God, are to care for others in our turn.

Carving. Louvre, Paris. (c) 2017, Allen Morris


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