Taste and See: Joy without end

Stained Glass, Knowle parish church. (c) 2018, Allen Morris

About Zion I will not be silent, about Jerusalem I will not grow weary, until her integrity shines out like the dawn and her salvation flames like a torch.

The nations then will see your integrity, all the kings your glory, and you will be called by a new name, one which the mouth of the Lord will confer.

You are to be a crown of splendour in the hand of the Lord, a princely diadem in the hand of your God; no longer are you to be named ‘Forsaken’, nor your land ‘Abandoned’, but you shall be called ‘My Delight’ and your land ‘The Wedded’; for the Lord takes delight in you and your land will have its wedding.

Like a young man marrying a virgin, so will the one who built you wed you, and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will your God rejoice in you.

First Reading for 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Isaiah 62:1-5

Isaiah gives ready voice to thanks for God. He and his people have suffered privation and known despair. But now there is reason for rejoicing.

Isaiah responds to what is present and is now. His joy surely fuelled by experience of past sorrow but not constrained by it. He lives and rejoices in God’s now and in what is promised.

And he shares reason for rejoicing with us, and draws into his hope, hope fulfilled in God’s faithfulness to his people and in the sublime expression of this in Jesus Christ.


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