Speak Lord: Giver of the true law…


The precepts of the Lord gladden the heart.

The law of the Lord is perfect,
it revives the soul.
The rule of the Lord is to be trusted,
it gives wisdom to the simple.

The fear of the Lord is holy,
abiding for ever.
The decrees of the Lord are truth
and all of them just.

So in them your servant finds instruction;
great reward is in their keeping.
But who can detect all his errors?
From hidden faults acquit me.

From presumption restrain your servant
and let it not rule me.
Then shall I be blameless,
clean from grave sin.

Psalm for 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Psalm 18(19):8,10,12-14

The law of the Lord is love. It is how God is, it is how we learn to be ourselves and honour the others among whom and with whom we live.

  • Lord, teach us to live love.

Moses and David, All Saints parish church , Elton. (c) 2018, Allen Morris.


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