Taste and See: the gift of love

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Wisdom has built herself a house, she has erected her seven pillars, she has slaughtered her beasts, prepared her  wine, she has laid her table. She has dispatched her maidservants  and proclaimed from the city’s heights: ‘Who is ignorant? Let him step this way.’ To the fool she says, ‘Come and eat my bread, drink the wine I have prepared! Leave your folly and you will live, walk in the ways of perception.’

First reading for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Proverbs 9:1-6

Our table is, especially, our church’s altar.

There the sacrifice of Calvary is again present to the Father for our healing. There it is shared with us in the consecrated Bread and Wine, the very Body and Blood of Jesus.

All that we might be saved, live, and love, and love living.

Altar and sanctuary, St Nicholas, Boldmere. (c) 2018, Allen Morris


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