Taste and See: Our Lord as food and drink


Passion Part 1 13 1 to 32

The Passion of Jesus begins with a woman’s act of kindness towards him. It is a good work which earns her criticism but is defended by Jesus, who knows and will know even more keenly rejection by those who would stand in judgement of him.

The woman is generous with her gifts, and Jesus with his – the gift of his very body and blood. At the Last Supper that gift is given to friend and foe alike: to Judas and all the twelve. Despite his great gift, his good work, all will betray him, all will lose faith, if they have not done so already. And yet he gives the gift, and will continue to seek to win them back – them and us: none of his are beyond his purview, each of us is cherished, and sought after…

Detail of crucifix. Church of St Nicholas, Boldmere. (c) 2015, Allen Morris.

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