Speak Lord: Loving Wisdom


DSC03421c spirit nazareth

Wisdom is bright, and does not grow dim.
By those who love her she is readily seen,
and found by those who look for her.
Quick to anticipate those who desire her, she makes herself known to them.
Watch for her early and you will have no trouble;
you will find her sitting at your gates.
Even to think about her is understanding fully grown;
be on the alert for her and anxiety will quickly leave you.
She herself walks about looking for those who are worthy of her
and graciously shows herself to them as they go,
in every thought of theirs coming to meet them.

First reading for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wisdom 6:12-16

We who so often get things wrong, who are too often lazy or selfish (like the bridesmaids in today’s Gospel?) are not left to our own devices. It might be better if we had recourse to God’s Wisdom first, but when things are messed up is not too late to seek her and ask for help.

And maybe by then experienced in the consequences of the mess we make we might ask for that help not just for our sake, but also for those others we may have hurt…

Wisdom is there and Wisdom’s love is for us, for all. Seek her, share her…

  • Where/when did you last mess up?
  • Why?
  • What comes next?

Stained Glass. Basilica of the Annuniciation, Nazareth. (c0 2017, Allen Morris.


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