Taste and See: Lord of life

DSC03784 Worcester.jpg

Complete within us, O Lord, we pray,
the healing work of your mercy
and graciously perfect and sustain us,
so that in all things we may please you.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the Gospel on Sunday we heard afresh Peter’s confession of Jesus as Christ, Son of God.

And yet, as the New Testament bears ample witness Peter had still much to learn about the Lord and about himself before this confession of faith fully informed him and his way of life.

So too it is with us. We may profess faith, and say the Creed many, many time, but remain resistant to its fuller implications for us – both its challenges and its joys. And so in the above prayer the Church prays for our continuing conversion, healing, renewal in Christ: for our God and for our still better pleasing of God.

Cross: Crypt of Worcester Cathedral. (c) 2017, Allen Morris.


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