Speak Lord: Our hearts break…

DSC09806 Tewkesbury Abbey 2016

What I want to say now is no pretence; I say it in union with Christ – it is the truth – my conscience in union with the Holy Spirit assures me of it too. What I want to say is this: my sorrow is so great, my mental anguish so endless, I would willingly be condemned and be cut off from Christ if it could help my brothers of Israel, my own flesh and blood.

They were adopted as sons, they were given the glory and the covenants; the Law and the ritual were drawn up for them, and the promises were made to them. They are descended from the patriarchs and from their flesh and blood came Christ who is above all, God for ever blessed! Amen.

Romans 9:1-5
Second reading on 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

How close Paul is to Christ is revealed by his heartbreak over those others who are distanced from Christ.

To be a Christian is to live in Christ, is to be called to endure the demands of the call to love and serve, is to be saddened by those who resist the compassion and care of the Father; and, of course, to be outraged, by those who who seek to deny that compassion and care to others.

  • For whom do you speak out?
  • To whom do you seek to share the good news?

Tewkesbury Avenue. (c) 2015, Allen Morris.



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