Speak Lord: The Kingdom

Church of Transfiguration

As I watched:

Thrones were set in place
and one of great age took his seat.
His robe was white as snow,
the hair of his head as pure as wool.
His throne was a blaze of flames,
its wheels were a burning fire.
A stream of fire poured out,
issuing from his presence.
A thousand thousand waited on him,
ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.
A court was held
and the books were opened.

And I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven,
one like a son of man.
He came to the one of great age
and was led into his presence.
On him was conferred sovereignty,
glory and kingship,
and men of all peoples, nations and languages became his servants.
His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty
which shall never pass away,
nor will his empire ever be destroyed.

Daniel 7:9-10,13-14

First reading for the feast of the Transfiguration

Christians interpret the above prophesy as one that is fulfilled by Christ – King of Love, Lord of all nations.

The very inclusivity of Jesus’ ministry provides challenge for us who proclaim his Lordship. So often, even when we seem prompted by religious motive, we are very provincial. That he is our Lord we have no doubt: that he is yours too we often seem much less certain, and regularly act as though we are uniquely privileged.

Sometimes the empire seems more likely to collapse from internal division, rather than from external threat.

Sanctuary, Church of the Transfiguration, Tabor, Israel. (c) 2017, Allen Morris.


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