Speak Lord: speak true

P1000507 Saint Germain des Pres.jpg

Lord, how I love your law!

My part, I have resolved, O Lord,
is to obey your word.
The law from your mouth means more to me
than silver and gold.

Lord, how I love your law!

Let your love be ready to console me
by your promise to your servant.
Let your love come and I shall live
for your law is my delight.

Lord, how I love your law!

That is why I love your commands
more than finest gold,
why I rule my life by your precepts,
and hate false ways.

Lord, how I love your law!

Your will is wonderful indeed;
therefore I obey it.
The unfolding of your word gives light
and teaches the simple.

Lord, how I love your law!

Psalm 118:57,72,76-77,127-130
Responsorial Psalm for 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The disciple – called by the Lord – now chooses the Lord, and strives to walk in his ways.

But it is a struggle so he calls out, sings out, asking for help and encouragement. And it comes as wisdom and enlightenment, refreshing love.

Altar and Tabernacle. Shrine Chapel, Saint Germain des Pres, Paris. (c) 2017, Allen Morris


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