Taste and See: gifts we offer…

DSC03009 bread 2017 JerusalemO God, who in the one perfect sacrifice
brought to completion varied offerings of the law,
accept, we pray, this sacrifice from your faithful servants
and make it holy, as you blessed the gifts of Abel,
so that what each has offered to the honour of your majesty
may benefit the salvation of all.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer over the Offerings for 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The above prayer, heard at Mass on Sunday, makes it clear that the Offertory is not just the bread and the wine presented from the assembly and placed upon the altar. Joined with them are the spiritual offerings of each and every  person present – if we have made them.

Some of these spiritual offerings will be our achievements; some will be our failures, humbly acknowledged; still others will be our acts of faith and trust regarding the challenges and trials that we think lie ahead of us. All these are offered at the altar, united with the gifts of bread and wine and, ultimately with the self-offering of Christ through his incarnation, ministry, and his Passion and Death.

Breads, Jerusalem. (c) 2017, Allen Morris



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