Taste and See: Fruits and mission

DSC05248 figs aix.jpg

Almighty ever-living God,
who restore us to eternal life in the Resurrection of Christ,
increase in us, we pray, the fruits of this paschal Sacrament
and pour into our hearts the strength of this saving food.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion for the 6th Sunday of Easter.

The 6th Sunday of Easter was the last before the Sundays of Ascension and Pentecost which deepen the focus on the mission and responsibility of the disciples, even as they tell of the Mysteries of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We are gifted by God with faith, the promise of eternal life, and the gifts of the Spirit – but not only for our personal enrichment. These gifts are shared for the benefit too of those we are called to serve.

  • How has the Lord resourced you for the good of others?
  • In what way are you helped to serve the mission of Christ?
  • In what ways are you hampered?

Figs. Aix en Provence. (c) 2014, Allen Morris


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