Speak Lord: Who are for us and for all

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If you are acknowledging as your Father one who has no favourites and judges everyone according to what he has done, you must be scrupulously careful as long as you are living away from your home.

Remember, the ransom that was paid to free you from the useless way of life your ancestors handed down was not paid in anything corruptible, neither in silver nor gold, but in the precious blood of a lamb without spot or stain, namely Christ; who, though known since before the world was made, has been revealed only in our time, the end of the ages, for your sake.

Through him you now have faith in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory for that very reason – so that you would have faith and hope in God.

1 Peter 1:17-21

The reading above is one that we will hear as the Second Reading at Mass on Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Easter.

At the heart of our celebration of the Easter Mystery is the person of Jesus and his saving work.

That work is a continuity of God’s saving self-disclosure, especially as engaged with in the scriptures of the Jews, in the New Testament, and in the history of the Church since.

One thing those scriptures and that history make very clear is that again and again when humankind fails to rely on God’s self-revelation it falls into folly and does great damage.

Jesus takes folly and hurt to himself and transforms them into a new and powerful witness  to God’s love for all.

  • Today try to notice if and when you act on favouritism, and what its consequences are for you and others.
  • Today give thanks that God has no favourites, but does love you and all.

Revelation by John Reinhard. St Trophime, Arles. (c) Allen Morris, 2014



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