Taste and See: Alive

O God, who have willed that we be partakers
in the one Bread and the one Chalice,
grant us, we pray, so to live
that, made one in Christ,
we may joyfully bear fruit
for the salvation of the world.
Through Christ our Lord.

The Prayer after Communion on Sunday, the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, carefully links the privilege of sharing in the Eucharistic food and drink, with its dual ends of our full communion with Christ, and our fruitfulness in him for the good of others. 

God’s will is achieved in the sacramental action, but we pray for its deeper fulfilment in our lives. We pray that we have received and will become will be for our neighbours’ good.

  • Of what fruit of life in Christ are you most grateful?
  • Which fruit has been most hard won?
  • For which do you now strive most urgently?

Photograph: Pomegranate – symbol of Granada. (c) 2015, Allen Morris


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