Taste and See: Nourishment


Nourished by these redeeming gifts,
we pray, O Lord,
that through this help to eternal salvation
true faith may ever increase.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion, 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

The prayer above, prayed at Mass on Sunday, served to remind us of the expectation that we draw strength from our Sunday Eucharist for faithful living during the days, months and years that follow.

We all from time to time have experiences of Mass which seem not to engage, not to encourage. Indeed they may even seem to sap us of energy or the will to live!

Yet even in those less than positive reactions we receive something which may prompt us  – because of the ‘bad’ experience –  to return to the Lord in prayer, or take up – even more deliberately, carefully and appreciatively – our own Christian ministry and witness.

The Mass is gift from God – as indeed are in some sense, all aspects of our lives. Always, everywhere, they give us something to take back to God in prayer, for our good and the building up of the Kingdom.

  • What gifts – welcome or unwelcome – did you receive from Mass on Sunday?
  • How have you lived from them, brought them to prayer in the time since?

Graphic prepared for Calix Society London. (c) 2008, Allen Morris.


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