Taste and See: Love in action


Grant us, O Lord, we pray,
that we may participate worthily in these mysteries,
for whenever the memorial of this sacrifice is celebrated
the work of our redemption is accomplished.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer over the Offerings

On the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time the we use the same Prayer over the Offerings as we use at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the beginning of the Triduum.

It is a prayer that points to the sublime beauty and importance of the Eucharist we celebrate. Our Eucharist is our praise of God but it is also what wins our salvation. It is this in part because of what we do, but mostly because of what is done for us, and which, in celebrating this Mass worthily and well, we join ourselves to. And that is the Sacrifice of Christ – a sacrifice that is perfect love for the Father and which wins us freedom from sin and death.

It is a mighty powerful prayer to set before us as we move on from the seasons of Advent and Christmas, in quieter days before we begin to keep Lent and Easter. They may be quieter days for us, but we are surrounded, supported, sustained by such great and powerful love.

  • Give thanks
  • Pray that we may participate worthily in the adventure of life.

Picture: Eindhoven, Netherlands. (c) 2003, Allen Morris.

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