Taste and See: Come, Holy Spirit…


May the Holy Spirit, O Lord,
sanctify these gifts laid upon your altar,
just as he filled with his power the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Through Christ our Lord.

Prayer over the Offerings. 4th Sunday of Advent

The above prayer asks for an extraordinary thing. It asks for a work of the Spirit, equivalent to that of the incarnation of Jesus in the womb of the Virgin, Mary.

The extraordinary thing that is Jesus taking flesh and Jesus giving of his very self in form of bread and wine should indeed startle us. Neither makes ‘sense’ in worldly terms, or can be accounted for in terms of science. Yet both find their ‘sense’ in love, in God’s love for his people. Jesus comes as Saviour through Mary and in food and drink and he comes to those hungry for God’s love.

Tabernacle and Icon of the Annunciation. Catholic Church, Osterley. (c) 2007, Allen Morris

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