Taste and See: Our Protector


Be pleased, O Lord, with our humble prayers and offerings,
and, since we have no merits to plead our cause,
come, we pray, to our rescue
with the protection of your mercy.
Through Christ our Lord.

The Prayer over the Offerings for Mass yesterday, the Second Sunday of Advent, has us admit our poverty.

We have not a few merits to our name, but none. Our acheivements and such are truly dwarfed by our faults and failings. In truth, our only hope is that God should come our rescue.

Because we know that God does come to our aid we do not despair, but we hope and we trust.

  • Who else has come to your aid?
  • To whose aid have you come?
  • Who might you next assist?

Corporal Acts of Mercy. Parish Church, Stratford upon Avon. (c) 2016, Allen Morris.


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