Taste and See: working together


You know how you are supposed to imitate us: now we were not idle when we were with you, nor did we ever have our meals at anyone’s table without paying for them; no, we worked night and day, slaving and straining, so as not to be a burden on any of you. This was not because we had no right to be, but in order to make ourselves an example for you to follow.

We gave you a rule when we were with you: do not let anyone have any food if he refuses to do any work. Now we hear that there are some of you who are living in idleness, doing no work themselves but interfering with everyone else’s. In the Lord Jesus Christ, we order and call on people of this kind to go on quietly working and earning the food that they eat.

2 Thessalonians 3:7-12

The life of the disciple is a life committed to the work of the Lord.

It is a life which invites to, even requires, our active sharing in his continuing work.

How we participate will vary according to our circumstances and to the need of others. Sometimes it can only be a remembering of people’s needs in prayer. At other times we are called to a more active commitment – giving of our time, energy, strength and other resources for love of God and love of neighbour.

And mostly what is asked of us is not something especially churchy – but as with St Paul -something practical, lived out in daily life.

  • What today in your daily dealings with others marks you out as a disciple?
  • Who would know and how?

Disciples – detail of sarcophagus in the Musée de l’Arles antique. (c) 2013, Allen Morris.

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