Speak Lord: of mercy and newness

In your sight, Lord, the whole world is like a grain of dust that tips the scales,
like a drop of morning dew falling on the ground.

Yet you are merciful to all, because you can do all things
and overlook men’s sins so that they can repent.

Yes, you love all that exists, you hold nothing of what you have made in abhorrence,
for had you hated anything, you would not have formed it.

And how, had you not willed it, could a thing persist,
how be conserved if not called forth by you?

You spare all things because all things are yours, Lord, lover of life,
you whose imperishable spirit is in all.

Little by little, therefore, you correct those who offend,
you admonish and remind them of how they have sinned,
so that they may abstain from evil and trust in you, Lord.

Wisdom 11:22-12:2

The first reading at Mass today, the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, invites us to consider things from God’s perspective.

The Lord’s work of creation and re-creation continues. His joy is to heal and make whole.

Our striving are often about resisting the pains of newness and growth.

On this day as we celebrate again the Lord’s rising, let us pray that we might entrust ourselves still more to his care.

Cross, Lourdes . (C) 2016, Allen Morris

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