Taste and See: Hearing with the heart


The first of the alternative verses provided for the Gospel Acclamation at Mass yesterday, the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, is simple, but reminds of a most important truth.

Alleluia, alleluia!
Open our heart, O Lord,
to accept the words of your Son.


Normally we think of ourselves as listening with our ears.  And, of course, they have a part to play in our hearing the word of God.

But in hearing the word of God we need not only ears and mind, but especially a heart. God speaks heart to heart, speaks much less of facts and the like, much more about affective,  relational, truths, about the love of God, and the invitation always open to us of entering into deeper communion with him.

  • What helps your heart to open?
  • What tends to make it close?

Street signs and graffiti: Nantes. (c) 2016, Allen Morris

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