Taste and See: Change

Assumption, Lichfield

In England and Wales yesterday, Sunday 14th August was kept as the Solemnity of the Assumption. Elsewhere (as in England and Wales in in other years) it may be kept today, 15th August).

The Collect for the Mass had us look forward to our sharing in the glory of Mary, her being honoured by her Son, and her receiving from him the benefits of his victory over sin and death and a full share in his resurrection at the end of his life here.


Almighty ever-living God,
who assumed the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Mother of your Son,
body and soul into heavenly glory,
grant, we pray,
that, always attentive to the things that are above,
we may merit to be sharers of her glory.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Assumption, Lichfield reconstruction

In the prayer we ask that we may be attentive to the things that are above. We ask that we may be ever-mindful of them, focussed on them so that our desire for them might draw us on.

The hope is that in that movement to the things that are above we may be better able to detach from those things – here – that may in the moment be more attractive but in the long run draw us form life and to ever-lasting death.

  • What – above – do you long for?
  • Why?
  • Bring your thoughts to God in prayer.

Pre-Reformation wall painting of the Assumption (and artist’s reconstruction). Lichfield Cathedral. (c) 2016, Allen Morris.


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