Taste and See: Becoming the Bread we eat.

Tabernacle, Osterley

The Prayer after Communion at Mass on Sunday, the 13th of Ordinary time, provides the ever-timely reminder of a principal reason for the Mass.

The Mass is gifted to us not only that, through our participation  in Christ’s Sacrificial self-offering, bread and wine will be changed into his Body and Blood. It is also gifted to us that through our participation we, who are his Body, might also be changed, so as to be more like him, more fruitful in him.

May this divine sacrifice we have offered and received
fill us with life, O Lord, we pray,
so that, bound to you in lasting charity,
we may bear fruit that lasts for ever.
Through Christ our Lord.


In the image above Mary receives the Body of Christ by her yes to what God invites her to. We can say our yes to God in a myriad ways, and maybe we do. But we especially say our ‘Yes when we say our Amen as we receive the Bread of life and the Chalice of Salvation.

But the Lord nourishes us so we might live our ‘Yes’ in the daily business of life, in our work, in our care of neighbour, in our fulfilling the potential of our selves.

  • How do you live your ‘Yes’?

Icon of Annunciation and Tabernacle. St Vincent de Paul, Osterley. (c) 2007, Allen Morris.

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