Taste and See: Rejoice!

Sainte Chapelle

Telling lies in church, at Mass, is not a good thing to do.

I found that I had to think hard at Mass yesterday before I could find how these words , the prayer of the Church given for yesterday, were true for me/us gathered in prayer:

Prayer over the Offerings

Receive, O Lord, we pray,
these offerings of your exultant Church,
and, as you have given her cause for such great gladness,
grant also that the gifts we bring
may bear fruit in perpetual happiness.
Through Christ our Lord.

We just didn’t seem that exultant! And I think the Lord would have noticed.

It was helpful to remember that we were gathered with the Church universal and across and beyond all times, with saints and angels. Then the words can be true…

  • Where do you and yours connect with exultation and happiness?
  • How would people know, from the worship of you and yours?

Sainte Chapelle, Paris. (c) 2011, Allen Morris


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