Speak Lord: our life

Prison Sainte Anne

The second reading at Mass on Sunday, Easter Sunday, comes from the letter to the Colossians. (Or so it does unless you hear the alternative second reading from the letter to the Corinthians)

Since you have been brought back to true life with Christ, you must look for the things that are in heaven, where Christ is, sitting at God’s right hand. Let your thoughts be on heavenly things, not on the things that are on the earth, because you have died, and now the life you have is hidden with Christ in God. But when Christ is revealed – and he is your life – you too will be revealed in all your glory with him.

Colossians 3:1-4

On this day (Good Friday) that we commemorate the death of the Lord, we look forward also to our being brought to new life by that death…

The reading for Sunday assures us of our lasting salvation in Christ – saved by what was, what is and what will be, in Christ.

Open doors in the Prison Sainte Anne, Avignon. (c) 2014, Allen Morris

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