Speak Lord: God – and for us

Station 6

The Second reading at Mass on Sunday, Palm Sunday, is an ancient hymn quoted by St Paul in the Letter to the Philippians.

His state was divine,
yet Christ Jesus did not cling
to his equality with God
but emptied himself
to assume the condition of a slave
and became as men are;
and being as all men are,
he was humbler yet,
even to accepting death,
death on a cross.
But God raised him high
and gave him the name
which is above all other names
so that all beings
in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld,
should bend the knee at the name of Jesus
and that every tongue should acclaim
Jesus Christ as Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

Philippians 2:6-11

It is a hymn that evokes a healthy ‘fear of the Lord’,that responds with awe and wonder at God’s humility in Christ, and at the Father’s response to the faithfulness of the Son, his faithfulness unto death.

The Lord acts with power – in the Son, serving, in the Father saving the Son from death and raising him on high.

That power is for us too. If we will live right with him, and with love for neighbour, then that love will powerfully impact on our lives. It will win us for eternal life, saving us from death. It will save us from sin, and direct us to living love her.

Thanks be to God who saves us in Christ. If we would be saved.

A Station of the Cross. Lourdes. (c) 2008, Allen Morris.



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