Speak Lord: King and servant

Ecce Homo archThis coming Sunday, the last of the present Church Year, is the feast of Christ the King.

‘Are you the king of the Jews?’ Pilate asked.

Jesus replied, ‘Do you ask this of your own accord, or have others spoken to you about me?’

Pilate answered, ‘Am I a Jew? It is your own people and the chief priests who have handed you over to me: what have you done?’

Jesus replied, ‘Mine is not a kingdom of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my men would have fought to prevent my being surrendered to the Jews. But my kingdom is not of this kind.’

‘So you are a king then?’ said Pilate.

‘It is you who say it’ answered Jesus. ‘Yes, I am a king. I was born for this, I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice.’

John 18:33-37

A king yes, but not as we usually know it.

A king who comes to lead, govern by setting us free, by speaking truth and restoring us to our intended heritage, forfeit through sin.

He rules by taking to himself our feeble condition and rising above what we are able to achieve of ourselves.

Pilate asks the questions but does not seem to engage with the answers in any significant way.

  • How do you respond to the kingship of Jesus

Photograph of Ecce Home Arch, Jerusalem. (c) 2012, Allen Morris.


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