Taste and See: The best is yet to come

Sundial ChartresThe post Communion Prayer at Mass yesterday, the Solemnity of All Saints, reminds that for all the effort we put into the worthy celebration of Mass, and that we should put into our own worthy participation in the Mass, Mass is a passing thing.

Prayer after Communion

As we adore you, O God, who alone are holy
and wonderful in all your Saints,
we implore your grace,
so that, coming to perfect holiness in the fullness of your love,
we may pass from this pilgrim table
to the banquet of our heavenly homeland.
Through Christ our Lord.

Here we are passing creatures, called on to the heavenly Jerusalem, the home of all saints. Here we stumble, too often: there we are, please God, and by the grace of God, to be raised to glory with all the saints. And in heaven, as the Church teaches, there are no Sacraments for in heaven Christ is there directly without the mediation of sign and (sacramental) symbol. We will behold him face to face.

The Post Communion prayer looks back in gratitude for the table and nourishment that sustains the pilgrim on the journey, but also is part of that propelling us to the mission to love and serve which belongs to each Christian. The life of loving virtue here on earth also has its part in helping us to heaven.

  • What additional good deed might you do today, simply in thanksgiving for the gracious and real gift of Himself that Christ gives us at Mass?
  • How today can you demonstrate (again) that you do not live for this world only, but for the greater that is yet to come?

The sundial at Chartres measures something else that ceases as we enter the glory of heaven. There eternity reigns, there is no time. Photograph (c) 2012, Allen Morris.

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