Singing mercy

King David

I have pleasure in attaching a copy of two Psalm settings composed by John Ainslie for use during the Year of Mercy. The psalm settings may be freely used, without copyright payment, provided that the given copyright ascriptions are included on all copies.

The two settings are of Psalm 102. Both have the same inbuilt response, so may be used repeatedly according to the liturgical requirement and musical resources available.

The text is a Common Psalm for Ordinary Time, so may be used as the Responsorial Psalm at any Sunday Mass in Ordinary Time.

Both keyboard and guitar accompaniments are provided. Although they are compatible, it is recommended that they are not used together. It may be more appropriate to use a keyboard accompaniment for the response to encourage vocal congregational participation. A guitar accompaniment might be particularly appropriate for the psalm verses in the Simpler Setting, where an initial strum at the beginning of each psalm phrase and wherever the chord changes may be sufficient accompaniment.

Thank you to John for making these freely available. (If you are not yet aware of the resources he has published promoting the use of chant for the English Propers at Mass, let me direct you to his website The chants are being used very successfully in the English speaking world. He has also recently published a collection of responsorial psalms, using the translation of the Grail Psalter currently approved for use in England and Wales).


Photograph of statue of King David from Mount Sion, Jerusalem. (c) 2013, Allen Morris.


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