Speak Lord: Our constant, our rock

Ditchling August 2003 041

The Second reading on Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Easter, comes from the first Letter of St John, an exercise of his ministry of care for the Church.

I am writing this, my children,
to stop you sinning;
but if anyone should sin,
we have our advocate with the Father,
Jesus Christ, who is just;
he is the sacrifice that takes our sins away,
and not only ours,
but the whole world’s.
We can be sure that we know God
only by keeping his commandments.
Anyone who says, ‘I know him’,
and does not keep his commandments,
is a liar,
refusing to admit the truth.
But when anyone does obey what he has said,
God’s love comes to perfection in him.

1 John 2:1-5

John speaks of a range of response to God – sinning; not sinning; admitting our fault; not admitting our fault.

Our situation and attitude can change and does. But God is constant, always, and constant in his love.

  • How today might I show my trust in his love?
  • How today might I share that love with others?

Photograph of cross and window at Ditchling parish church. (c) 2010, Allen Morris.

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