Taste and See: Light of the world

Canticle, SDThe concluding prayers of yesterday’s Mass, the 4th Sunday in Lent, repay our dwelling on them a little more.

They pick up themes from the readings of the Mass, perhaps especially from the Gospel of the day.

The Prayer over the People, has been given a new prominence in the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal. It is a welcome addition, an extra reminder that we leave Mass not now relying on our own strength only, or even especially. We leave nourished by Christ in the sacrament of the Sacrifice, and assisted by the unfailing love and light of God.



Prayer after Communion

O God, who enlighten everyone who comes into this world,
illuminate our hearts, we pray,
with the splendour of your grace,
that we may always ponder
what is worthy and pleasing to your majesty
and love you in all sincerity.
Through Christ our Lord.


Prayer over the People

Look upon those who call to you, O Lord,
and sustain the weak;
give life by your unfailing light
to those who walk in the shadow of death,
and bring those rescued by your mercy from every evil
to reach the highest good.
Through Christ our Lord.


At the Easter Vigil we light the Easter Fire and Paschal Candle, and our own individual candles, celebrating the Resurrection and our share in the Rising of Christ through baptism.

Today consider where in your life you need that light to shine:

  • where to give guidance
  • where to comfort and warm
  • where to be a sign of hope and love.

Bring your needs and thanks to God in prayer.

Photograph of stained glass window in convent of San Damiano, Assisi, commemorating St Francis and the Canticle of Creation. (c) 2014, Allen Morris.


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