Taste and See: unbelievable?


The Prayer after Communion on Sunday last, the 27th of Ordinary Time, was of course completely orthodox in its theology and anthropology, but breathtaking in what it asks for.

Grant us, almighty God,
that we may be refreshed and nourished
by the Sacrament which we have received,
so as to be transformed into what we consume.
Through Christ our Lord.

Normally we transform food into us. Here, uniquely, the prayer is for us to become what the Eucharistic food and drink most proudly are: Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary.

Already members of his Body through Baptism, we pray to become more fully what we already are through the gift of Holy Communion.

These themes of incorporation and transformation – strongly there in our Catholic tradition from the teaching of Jesus himself (I am the vine, you are the branches), through Paul, Augustine, Aquinas and on – challenge us against settling for other rather more anaemic modes of affiliation that ‘count’ as ‘practicing’.

  • Where is transformation being experienced in your life?
  • Where is it being resisted?
  • Where do you most desire it and why?

Bring your thoughts and feelings to the Lord, Head of the Body we are, in a time of prayer.

Image of the Church united in the Eucharist is by Hildegard of Bingen.

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