Taste and See: Speak true and help us speak truth

Free Press

The gospel acclamation on Sunday was pure and simple:

Alleluia, alleluia!
Your word is truth, O Lord: consecrate us in the truth.

In our world people’s speech seems so rarely to be pure and simple.

We are so familiar with spin, and half-truths – and it sullies and weighs down public discourse in society across the board. The media, politicians, clergy and so many other groups all  share in the guilt.

Some may be more sinned against than sinning, and some may have better motives than others for the way they communicate partial truth – but the overall consequences  are a profound lack of trust in pubic discourse, and a sapping of people’s readiness to attend to and participate in democratic process.

If ‘they’ are ‘all’ guilty, it would be surprising if we were not tainted too.

  • Where am I less than frank in speaking the truth?
  • Why?

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